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Thinlizzy Perfect Brows Hair Remover

Thinlizzy Perfect Brows Hair Remover

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A few pointers to get the best results from Thin Lizzy® Perfect Brows Hair Remover device:
  • Remove trapped hairs from the head after each use;
  • Replace battery if the device is going slower than usual;
  • Make sure the skin is dry and clean before use;
  • Remember to keep the head flat against your skin, use small circular motions and to gently pull the skin taut while using your hair remover device;

How to Clean: 
To clean, simply remove the head and brush away any hairs that may have gotten trapped. Perfect Face Facial Hair Remover is so gentle on the skin, you can use it every day without experiencing skin irritation or sensitivity.

1 X Perfect Brows Hair Remover

1 X Cleaning Brush

1 X Instruction Manual

AA Battery Not Included

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