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GRANS REMEDY 2 POTS (original and cooling) ----DC

GRANS REMEDY 2 POTS (original and cooling) ----DC

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Active Ingredients:
Zinc oxide, Zinc undecylenate, Alum.

Sprinkle half a teaspoonful of Grans Remedy into shoes for as long as required.

Grans Remedy works by eliminating the bacteria that cause smelly feet and footwear. The treatment is simple to use and takes only 7 days. Your feet will remain odour-free for up to six months: just sprinkle half-a-teaspoon of Grans Remedy into your footwear daily until the powder is finished.

Independent research has shown that Grans Remedy is 100% effective for actively treating all five of the bacteria and fungi known to cause smelly feet and footwear. Grans Remedy treats the foot and shoes at the same time.

Smelly feet foot tips. Some people's feet sweat more than others, and are more prone to Athletes foot. These tips may help: Wear shoes made of leather or canvas - not synthetics. Sandals are good. Wear clean socks everyday. Switch shoes from day to day. See your doctor if severe problems persist.

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