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FESS Sinu Cleanse Gentle Wash Kit 60

FESS Sinu Cleanse Gentle Wash Kit 60

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A natural way to help relieve congestion

  • Helps relieve colds & flu, sinusitis and hayfever
  • Gentle wash for daily use
  • Deep & thorough wash to clear excess mucus
  • Suitable for post operative nasal care
  • Isotonic saline solution
  • Non-medicated and preservative free

A gentle, non-medicated isotonic wash that helps relieve nasal and sinus congestion.

The isotonic solution has a lower salt concentration and is ideal for washing and daily cleaning of the nasal and sinus cavities.

Daily use post-operatively will help clear the nasal and sinus cavities of dried blood and mucus.

FESS® Nasal and Sinus Wash is a non-medicated nasal and sinus wash. FESS® Nasal and Sinus Wash consists of pre-mixed dry powder sachets. When mixed with warm water, each 1.94 g sachet will produce 200 mL of alkaline buffered, mild isotonic saline wash.

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