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Drug Alert Drug Test Kit for 6 street Drugs

Drug Alert Drug Test Kit for 6 street Drugs

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PRODUCT INFORMATION: Simple urine test. Five single- use tests. Multi-panel test cassettes. Tests for Marijuana THC, Cocaine COC, Opiates OPI (Opium and heroin), Amphetamines AMP (Speed), Mathamphetamine MET (Crystal) and Methylenedioxymethamphetamine MDMA (ecstasy). Easy and safe to use. 99% accuracy
Results in 5 minutes. Boxed.
How sensitive are Drug Alert Test Kits?
Very sensitive. Drug Alert Test Kits can detect down to the following concentrations:
* cannabis 5Ong/ml
* cocaine 300ng/ml
* opiates i000ng/ml
* amphetamine 1 ,000ng/ml
* methamphetamine 1 ,000nglml
* Ecstasy 500ng/ml

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