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Pure Vitality

Pure Vitality Deer Antler Velvet Grade A 60 x 250mg Capsules

Pure Vitality Deer Antler Velvet Grade A 60 x 250mg Capsules

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Pure Vitality A Grade Deer Antler Velvet is a top quality form of 100% pure, natural New Zealand deer antler velvet.

This natural supplement delivers a potent dose of the ingredients essential for supporting optimum health in a bio available form and a popular added benefit of the extract is that there are no reflux issues.

The Pure Vitality Heatless Process guarantees a quality product that delivers results. All our supplements are manufactured in strict accordance with the New Zealand Food Standards Authority (NZFSA) - highly regarded around the world for its quality control processes.

The overwhelming consensus is that deer antler velvet supports overall health, the immune system, brain health and a healthy metaboism.



1-2 capsules daily with food (maintenance)

3-6 capsules (therapeutic)


Each serving contains 500mg of Deer Velvet powder (4:1) equivalent to 2,000mg of fresh Premium Deer Velvet tips and tops.

Deer Velvet Tips and Tops are most highly sort after in traditional Oriental Practice for their natural abundance of growth factors and micronutrients which support healthy brain function, cell renewal and vitality.

No encapsulation aid, No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.


Pure Vitality™ - Superior Deer Velvet Supplements
Using a superior industry-leading extraction process that preserves the precious active components found in deer velvet, Pure Vitality is able to give you a powerful dose equivalent to 2,000 mg of the highest quality, most active parts (tips and tops) of the fresh deer velvet antler beam in every 500mg serving. Studies show that Deer velvet’s results are dose dependent, so it is important to find a brand that gives a convenient, cost effective solution. Pure Vitality™ allows you to do just that by providing the dose you need at a price you can afford.

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