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Vital Greens 120g Vitamins Probiotics

Vital Greens 120g Vitamins Probiotics

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Vital Greens is a carefully balanced blend of nutritionally rich greens, vegetables and fruits, plus additional herbs, vitamins and minerals, powerful antioxidants, probiotics, essential amino acids, digestive enzymes and fibre. Vital Greens is suitable for the whole family and is great for anyone wanting to maintain optimum health. Vital Greens is ideal for vegetarians and vegans and for people with dietary restrictions, gluten, wheat and dairy free. This great tasting powerful multi-nutrient powder is sweetened with organic Thaumatin, a completely natural patented sweetener.

Vital Greens features:
• Overall powerful super food
• Boosts energy levels
• Suitable for vegans and gluten intolerant
• Vitamins and Minerals
• Antioxidants
• Herbs and Probiotics
• Digestive enzymes

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