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Vita Diet Choco Mousse Dessert 14 Pk

Vita Diet Choco Mousse Dessert 14 Pk

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The Medical Vita Diet Gluten Free Meal Supplement Mousse can be enjoyed for breakfast or lunch on the run or in conjunction with the Medical Vita Diet Weight loss Program.

The Vita Diet weight loss program has been specifically designed by doctors as an effective treatment for obesity and will help you achieve a healthy goal weight safely, nutritionally and easily, and by adhering to the maintenance plan and regular exercise, you can keep the weight off.

The Medical Vita Diet mousse contain:

  • No Gluten
  • Complete Protein (Whey & Casein)
  • 16 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • 17 Amino Acids
  • 99% Fat Free
  • All Flavours are Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Colours or Sweeteners
  • Low GI
  • 33 to 50% RDI (Recommended Daily Intake of vitamins & minerals)
  • Made in Australia

Mixing Directions: Add contents of mousse to 125mls of chilled water in a Vita diet shaker and vigorously shake for 30 seconds, then let stand for 10 miniutes

Handy Hints: Refrigerate for 10 minutes for a great creamy taste.

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