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Unimom Breast Milk Storage Bags 40s thermal sensor

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Unimom Breast Milk Storage Bags 40s
Product Description
BPA Free!
•Easy Sealing Double Ziplock Seal
•Self Standing -Double Layered
•Freezer Safe
•Leak Proof
•Store upto 7oz / 210ml
•Reusable quality if you choose to wash and sterlise with boiling water after use.
These durable quality bags will ensure you can store your precious milk for the longest duration possible while preserving all the great nutrients that you provide for your baby.
Very handy for freezing and transporting alot of milk while taking up little space. Can be used as food pouches for baby food too.
Unimom has invented this clever design to ensure you have heated your breastmilk to the right temperature for your baby.
The thermal sensor on the bag will change colour from BLUE to HALF WHITE indicating when milk is ready for use. Or full WHITE when milk is too hot for baby.
Expressed milk can be stored upto 4 hours at room temperature, 2 days in a fridge and upto 3months in a freezer.