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Neutralice Nit Comb M3

Neutralice Nit Comb M3

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General Information

NeutraLice Advance M3 Nitcomb detects and removes head lice and eggs.

Developed by pharmacists to detect and remove lice and eggs, the NeutraLice Advance M3 Nitcomb has three rows of teeth which are fine and extra fine. The extra fine spacing between the teeth results in greater torque and effectiveness in detecting and removing head lice and their eggs. M3 Nitcomb has a handle for easy combing, and will glide through most types of hair with ease.

Size: 1 Pack


• • Detects and removes head lice and eggs
• • Three rows of fine and extra fine metal teeth
• • Exta fine spacing results in greater torque and effectiveness to remove lice & eggs
• • Handle for easy combing
• • Glides through most hair types easily


Do not use comb if teeth are damaged.


To effectively detect and remove nits, follow these five easy steps: 1. Shampoo with NeutraLice Conditioner Shampoo Lice Egg Remover. While hair is still damp start at the top of the head and lift a 2cm section of hair.
2. Ensure the teeth of the comb are as deep into the hair as they can go and touching the scalp.
3. Comb with a firm even motion away from the scalp to the end of the hair. Wipe nits completely from the comb with a tissue.
4. Continue this process with each section of hair.
5. Rinse hair with water and towel dry.
Rinse and clean comb between teeth with warm clean soapy water using a fine nail brush during and after combing. Thoroughly rinse and dry once finished, then store in a dry place.


Store in a dry place.
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