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Neat Feat Maximum Foot Supports

Neat Feat Maximum Foot Supports

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Platinum Series Maximum Foot Support 3/4 Insole

Neat Feat Maximum Foot Supports offer 3/4 length support that doesn't pack down. They flex and flow with every foot movement.
Need custom foot support? Choose the top-selling product in custom orthotics - the Neat Feat Foot Support insole. This best-selling foot support insole is highly effective at assisting those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, with ¾ length foot support and Dura-HD cushioning.
  • Prescription-like foot support
  • Maximum metatarsal support
  • Even distribution of shock forces
  • Also supports treatment of symptoms of pronation, flat feet, and collapsed arches
  • High-performance protection against heel strike, and pain in the arches and lower back
Custom orthotics doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. With the Neat Feat Support insole, you can enjoy ¾ length support at a fair price. A truly innovative design and heel cup cradles the heel, with additional bed cushioning that absorbs impact and shock. Mild longitudinal arch support reduces arch strain, while metatarsal pads support the transverse arch. Trauma reduction is guaranteed with our innovative EVA cushioning construction, which catches shock forces and evenly distributes them. With Neat Feat, maximum protection and support against lower back pain and heel strike are par for the course. It’s as easy as inserting the insoles into your shoes and wearing them for a few hours a day until your feet have adjusted to the proper position. A quick hand wash and air-dry, and they’ll be good as new every time. Order online now for delivery in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world! If you’re on our side of the world, find us at your nearest pharmacy today - only available while stocks last
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