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MEBO Wound Repair 100% Natural Ointment 40gm

MEBO Wound Repair 100% Natural Ointment 40gm

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MEBO’s unique formulations stimulate stem cell regeneration. The ointments promote the natural regeneration of stem cells located at the bottom of the hair follicle. These cells are capable of producing not only the hair shaft but also the daughter cells that create the dermis and epidermis. 

MEBO Wound Repair aids the natural healing of skin, including bedsores, ulcers, haemorrhoids, shingles, cracked/chafed/grazed skin, chill blains and cracked nipples.
By helping the body’s own immune defences
By assisting the affected area to liquefy necrotic tissue
By encouraging stem cell regeneration to assist in the growth of new skin
By helping to minimise scarring
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