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The advantages of our grinding caps compared to standard milling cutters, diamond grinders and scalpels are not only reflected in the variety of shapes and sizes, but also in performance, price and hygiene.

Precision is a very important point in the podiatry. The LUKAS podiatry cap is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and qualities, providing a precisely fitting tool for every application. Treatments are faster and more precise. The single-use, hygienic caps prevent contamination, making the patient feel comfortable and safe. Regular replacement of the LUKAS grinding cap after each patient treatment completely prevents the transmission of germs. Cleaning of the abrasive cap is not required which saves time and effort. Our caps may only be used on uninjured skin.

Diabetes patients feel better and more secure during a foot treatment with our THERMO abrasive cap. Even with a reduced sensation of temperature and pain, and impaired wound healing, no issues or injuries occur during the treatment.

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