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Lifestream Quick Calm 30 capsules expiry 02/2024

Lifestream Quick Calm 30 capsules expiry 02/2024

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Quick Calm
Rapid release, non-drowsy support for stress and mental focus.
In times of stress and uncertainty, we believe extra support can be beneficial. If you are struggling with anxiety, feelings of stress and tension, indecisiveness and reduced mental focus or clarity or experiencing excessive worry, we have formulated the perfect supplement for you, providing rapid release, non-drowsy support for stress and mental focus.
  • Fast support for stress
  • Supports calmness and mental focus
  • Non-drowsy formula

Our Quick Calm is a scientifically researched formula for rapid relief from stress and tension. This powerful formula supports calmness, mental focus and lessens feelings of stress and worry within 5 minutes, without any drowsy side effects.

Quick Calm contains scientifically researched Bluenesse® for calming the stress response and Ashwagandha for ongoing nervous system and adrenal support. 

What are these fancy sounding ingredients?  

  • Bluenesse® - A scientifically researched Lemon Balm extract with concentrated levels of rosmarinic acid for a quick acting effect on mood, helping calm and provide mental focus and clarity.  Bluenesse® helps the nervous system re-set and encourages a healthy stress response, for calmness and more mental focus.

  • Ashwagandha - Traditionally used as a powerful adaptogen for stress and supporting relaxation and calmness, Ashwagandha helps the mind and body de-stress and unwind from everyday stress. This well-known adaptogen helps the body adapt to stress, with its effective action on the adrenal glands by helping healthy cortisol levels in the body, for a better overall stress response.

This product is vegan. No added dairy, soy, gluten or wheat.

Adults: Take 1-2 capsules daily with food
Alternatively, for extra calm support take one capsule morning and evening with food
Children 12 years and over: 1 capsule daily either morning or night
Always read the label and use as directed
If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional
Store below 25c and away from direct sunlight
Do not use if cap seal is missing or broken
Keep out of reach of children
Not recommended in pregnancy or breastfeeding
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