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Lapstacker XD for Powerchairs

Lapstacker XD for Powerchairs

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The LapStacker XD is a retractable carry strap for powerchairs. Carrying items in your chair can be difficult and multitasking may come at a cost when items are dropped on the floor. The LapStacker secures what you are carrying so you can be confident when moving about freely in your chair. Features such as a magnetic buckle make the LapStacker easy to use for all.


  • Easy to use - the finger-friendly loops are easy for all to fasten, even if you have limited hand function
  • The straps sit neatly on either side of your chair, readily available for when you need them
  • Magnetic buckles to make it easy to clip the straps together 
  • Sleek and Low profile strap
  • Black colour
  • Can be attached to all our Quantum Rehab Powerchairs
  • See dimensions download for full dimensions
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