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QuantumRX Se+ 60 ml

QuantumRX Se+ 60 ml

QuantumRX Se+ is a liquid dietary supplement that provides selenium, a trace element, in ionic form – a form thought to be more readily absorbed by the body.

QuantumRX Se+ also contains minerals, naturally sourced from The Dead Sea in Jordan, providing up to 72 trace elements that may be missing from the diet.
Selenium is an antioxidant mineral that is found in minute quantities in most tissues of the body. Selenium is an important co-factor for glutathione production, and is most concentrated in the liver and kidneys where it supports excretory organ function.
Selenium may also act an antioxidant for the brain, thus supporting healthy brain function.
Our QuantumRX liquid mineral range provides affordable, flexible dosage options of many essential minerals.

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