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QuantumRX Organic Fe 30 V Caps

QuantumRX Organic Fe 30 V Caps

QuantumRX Organic Fe is derived from curry leaf extract and is 100% Certified Organic. It provides plant-based, stomach-friendly iron with natural antioxidants.

Iron deficiency is common in vegetarians, pregnant women and women of child-bearing age. It is associated with fatigue, reduced work capacity, reduced mood and brain function.
Iron is essential for oxygen transport in the blood, electron transport and cellular respiration. Research shows that iron supplementation may support energy in people with low iron.
Sufficient iron is very important during pregnancy to support both the mother and the developing neonate. QuantumRX Organic Fe is more digestive friendly than other forms of iron due to its co-nutrients and co-factors.
QuantumRX Organic Fe is recovered from curry leaves using a water extraction process, and no chemicals. It contains no toxic excipients, is Vegan, Non-GMO and 100% Certified Organic.

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