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Hopes Relief Scalp Care Shampoo 200 ml

  • $20.90

A highly concentrated natural formula with 5 active herbal ingredients for calming and soothing itchy, flaky, dry, dandruff or sensitive scalp conditions. Also good for use on normal healthy scalps to maintain scalp health.

The Hope's Relief Shampoo can be used as part of a two-stage program with the Hopes Relief Conditioner for itchy, flaky or sensitive scalps, or individually for maintenance. Ideal for frequent use for people with healthy scalps that prefer a non-irritant gentle shampoo.

Suitable and gentle for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin.

Contains 5 Herbal ingredients with soothing, calming properties to give you a great scalp and fantastic hairLicorice
Aloe Vera
Manuka Honey NPA10+
Gotu Kola