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Body Assist

Body Assist Snore Guard Anti Snore - Single

Body Assist Snore Guard Anti Snore - Single

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Dual jaw support with breath hole

You can spend hundreds on having a dentist mold you one of these, or you can try this one. The key to this product is to keep muscles that hold airways open and relaxed. When these collapse the flow of air is obstructed and can cause a vibration (this is usually referred to as snoring). Overweight people may be more prone to snoring and snoring may be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). If you think you have it, you should get it checked out by an expert.


  • Uniquely designed device worn in the mouth during sleep.
  • Maintains an opened, unobstructed airway to help alleviate snoring & OSA.
  • Self moulded in hot water.
  • Snorers may notice they feel more refreshed during the day as it is very difficult to get a good night’s sleep with an obstructed airway.
  • Snorers who share a bed with someone will find their partner benefits from getting a better night’s sleep as well.
  • Improved sleep.

    Medical/Technical Data

    • Repositions the lower jaw in a forward direction.
    • Opens the upper airway at the back of the throat to allow air to flow more freely.

      FIT and CARE GUIDE

      • Half fill a saucepan with water & bring to the boil.
      • Remove from heat source & leave to stand for 30 seconds.
      • Carefully place the mouthguard into HOT water for 90 seconds exactly & remove with a slotted spoon.
      • Cool guard under cold water for 1 second & quickly begin the fitting process.
      • Look into a mirror. Line up the guard with the centre line of your upper teeth. Bite down firmly into the guard and suck in strongly.
      • Use fingers to press edges of the guard into the upper teeth & gum line through the lips, & cheek.
      • Continue to do this for a further 20 seconds.
      • Remove the mouthguard & run under cold water for 30 seconds.
      • Place the guard back into your mouth and test for a good fit.
      • Repeat the process if fit is not accurate enough.
      • If necessary trim excess material a little at a time with sharp scissors.
      • Take great care not to damage the guard by cutting off too much.
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