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Aptamil AllerPro Syneo 1

Aptamil AllerPro Syneo 1

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Aptamil® AllerPro Syneo™ 1

0-6 Months

  • Suitable for infants with confirmed mild to moderate cowsmilk and/or soy protein allergy as a partial or complete breast milk substitute

Cows’ milk allergy is a common condition that affects around 1 in 50 infants across Australia and New Zealand.1 Aptamil® AllerPro Syneo™ is a nutritionally complete infant formula that reduces symptoms of cows’ milk allergy.2 Aptamil® AllerPro Syneo™ is the only extensively hydrolysed formula containing Nutricia’s patented blend of prebiotics and probiotics for the dietary management of cows’ milk allergy (not anaphylaxis).

Effective dietary management 

  • Tolerated by 97% of infants with confirmed cows‘ milk allergy.3 
  • Reduces the symptoms of cows‘ milk allergy.2


1st Line 

  • cows‘ milk based extensively hydrolysed formula (eHF) is recommended first line (not anaphylaxis).1,4*


Go beyond symptom relief 

  • Unique synbiotic blend of prebiotics and probiotics to promote a gut microbiota closer to that of a breast fed infant.6 
  • Prebiotics: 90% short chain galacto-oligosaccharides (scGOS): 10% Fructo-oligosaccharides (lcFOS). 
  • ProbioticBifidobacterium breve M-16V. 

Contraindications for use

Aptamil® AllerPro Syneo™ Infant Formula is not suitable for general use and should be used under medical supervision. It is not suitable for infants with anaphylactic (severe) cows’ milk allergy.

Direction of use
  1. Wash hands before preparing the feed. Clean and then sterilise all utensils by boling for 5 minutes or using an approved steriliser.
  2. Boil safe drinking water and allow to cool to feeding temperature. CONSULT FEEDING GUIDE. Measure the required volume of water into a sterilised feeding bottle.
  3. Use only the enclosed scoop. Fill the scoop lightly and level off using the built-in leveler. Avoid compacting the powder.
  4. Always add 1 level scoop of powder for each 30mL of water. Cap the bottle and shake briskly to dissolve the powder.
  5. Test temperature on wrist before feeding. Feed immediately (do not store). Discard unfinished feeds.

Prepare each bottle separately. It is safer to use Aptamil® Allerpro Syneo™ Infant Formula immediately after it is prepared. Product is packed by weight, not volume. Some settling of the powder may occur during transport and distribution.

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Use by the date on bottom of the container.
  • After opening, keep container airtight and use contents within four weeks.
  • Some settling of the powder may occur.

Feeding Guide
Age Cooled boiled water Level scoops of powder* Number of feeds per day
Up to 2 weeks 60mL 2 7 – 8
2 weeks to 1 month 90mL 3 6 – 8
1 to 2 months 150mL 5 5 – 6
2 to 4 months 210mL 7 4
4 to 6 months 240mL 8 4
Over 6 months 240mL 8 3 – 5

*1 scoop = 4.6g of powder. NOTE: 1 scoop of powder added to 30mL of water yields approximately 33.3 mL of formula. This feeding guide is a general guide ONLY.

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