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Alpha keri Shower and body Oil 1 Litre

  • $21.80

Alpha Keri Oil is specifically formulated as a total body bath/shower treatment that works to revive and relieve dry and sensitive skin associated with a variety of skin problems. Alpha Keri Oil moisturises dry skin by improving the hydrating properties of skin. Soaking in an Alpha Keri Oil bath, or applying to wet skin after showering, helps seal and lock the moisture the stratum corneum takes up during the bath or shower. It is available in both fragrance free and fragrance fresh varieties.

The Alpha Keri Oil Features

Non-greasy formulation
Completely water dispersible
Revives, relieves and soothes itchy, dry, scaly skin, as well as mild skin irritations
Offers protection against the elements and helps prevent further damage
pH balanced (5.5) to restore skin equilibrium
Low irritancy fragrance & fragrance free formulations
Recommended for everyday use on the body
Suitable for the face