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Airclean V20 Pre-Filter

Airclean V20 Pre-Filter

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Technostat high-efficiency Pre-filter.

For use in the following models

  • E20 Plus
  • DE20 Plus
  • V20
  • DV20

The electrostatically charged first stage pre-filter is designed to remove ambient fine dust particles and up to 99% of bacteria & viruses from the air.

The Technostat pre-filter in InvoaAir purifiers also serves to extend the life of the main HEPA filter up to 5 years.**

What is Technostat?

Technostat is a tribo-electret media and has unique charged characteristics which allow the filtration of sub-micron particle sizes.  Technostat filters have passed stringent biocompatibility requirements and have proven to be highly efficient in terms of protection against Viruses and Bacteria.*

Technostat is used in many medical applications which demand some of the highest levels of filtration since they are often used in life-support and human ventilation machines.*

BFE Efficiency > 99.9992%
VFE Efficiency > 99.9970%

*Tested in accordance to Spec MIL-M-36954C By Nelson Labs

Filter Life

Up to 6 months continuous use**

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