UPANG UV Bottle and Toy Sterilizer

  • $375.00

Infra Red / Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Sterilise breast pump accessories, bottles, pacifiers, bath toys, eating utensils, cell phone, toothbrushes and more!
Ultraviolet sterilisation effects are harmless to the human body and produce a 99.9% sterilisation rate against pathogenic bacteria, fungi and various infectious diseases.
The perfect size for your kitchen bench or clinic.
Dry and sterilise up to 14 bottles in 1 cycle
dual UV Steriliser
3 control buttons – automatic / sterilization / ventilation – see cycle info below
Registered medical device product in US FDA (Medical Device No:3007914006)
99% sterilization effect for influenza virus
99% internal sterilization effect for dummy and baby bottle
Eco-friendly product by means of low temperature drying process via infrared ray below 40 degrees
Certificate of Analysis
How to use:
Wash item as per normal. Dry thoroughly and place in the Upang steriliser in an upright position. Press start
37.5 cm high
28.5 cm wide
31 cm long (back to front)
The Process:
Wash items if needed and dry or shake well. Place them on the trays. Close the door and select option
Automatic Button- 40min cycle. Shake any wash items very well. This cycle will dry, sterilise and dry again.
Sterlise Button- This will sterilise only. So all items need to be thoroughly dried before placing in the machine.