Ultimate Life Vitamin E cream 100g pot

Ultimate Life Vitamin E cream 100g pot

  • $19.50

Ultimate Life Natural Vitamin E Cream is a fast absorbing, non-greasy, face and body cream. It contains 100% natural,  organic ingredients including MSM to penetrate deep into the skins layers providing soothing, long lasting hydration.

This topical formulation may be used to combat dryness and promote softer, smoother skin by providing natural moisture, nourishment and anti-aging benefits. Men love its soothing effect too!   

Indications for use

· Enhances skin’s ability to retain vital moisture and essential lipids

· Helps soften and smooth dry cracked skin  

· Helps guard against the visible signs of ageing

· Helps protect the skin form the damaging effects of sun, wind and pollution 


We recommend first applying a small amount to the inside of the wrist to check for sensitivity and compatibility.