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TeaTox Slim Tea

TeaTox Slim Tea

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TeaTox Slim tea is here and new to our range! The host of natural ingredients with incredible benefits for your wellbeing are what makes this blend so unique and a Must Have for anyone who wants better general wellbeing, easier support of weight loss as well as cleansing their system

Our tea is larger in size than most of the tea's on the market, the bags are 4 grams each whereas most teas are 2-3 grams 

You can use the same tea bag to brew up to 4 cups !

TeaTox Slim Benefits

✅ De-Bloating

✅ Metabolism Support

✅ Blood Cleansing Herbs 

✅ Energy Boosting

✅ Preventing Fat Absorption

✅ Stabilising blood sugar levels (leading to less sugar cravings)

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