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Polident Whitening Denture Cleaning Tablets 36

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Polident Denture Cleanser Tablets Whitening is a denture cleanser specifically developed to clean stubborn stains from dentures. In just 15 minutes it can effectively remove plaque and stubborn stains like tea and coffee, wine, blackberry and nicotine. Polident Whitening Cleanser restores dentures to their original whiteness without fading original dentures and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Polident Whitening Cleanser has an anti-bacterial cleansing system, which provides superior removal of bacteria and reduction of plaque build-up, which can cause denture odour. Soaking is designed to clean the places brushing misses. It is recommended for daily use.

How to use Polident denture cleansers
SOAK with Polident tablets
BRUSH with the tablet soaking solution
RINSE thoroughly with warm water
BRUSH with the tablet soaking solution