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Nutra Organics Super Greens + Reds Powder 150gm

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Super Greens + Reds Wholefood Multi-Formulation features a nourishing blend of organic fruit, vegetables, sprouts, and herbs with the added benefit of prebiotic fibres in the protein base.
Combining bio-fermented and sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes in our carefully blended Super Greens + Reds, this is a high quality wholefood multivitamin with matcha and kale.
Use it daily as a supplementary wholefood multivitamin.
Crafted from the best certified organic ingredients, The Super Greens & Reds is designed to nourish your whole body.
Nutra Organics share with you an honest and heartfelt desire to help and encourage others to live life to the fullest, naturally. Nutra Organics mission is to, help people live healthy, energetic and fulfilling lives