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Iberogast 50 ml

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Explore the 9 natural herbs that make Iberogast® so effective.
Iberogast® harnesses the power of nine natural plant extracts to effectively relieve multiple symptoms fast. It targets4:
Abdominal pains and cramps
Heartburn & acid reflux
How to take Iberogast®
Unless prescribed otherwise by your doctor, you can take Iberogast® up to three times a day if needed4. To take Iberogast®, dilute it in a small amount of liquid (such as water, tea, or juice), and drink it before or during meals.
Adults and adolescent aged 13 years and above should take 20 drops at a time
Children aged between 6 and 12 years should take 15 drops at a time
Children aged between 3 and 5 years should take 10 drops at a time
The duration depends on the severity of your symptoms and how long they last. You should consult your doctor if you don't feel any relief from your acute symptoms after taking Iberogast®continuously for seven days.
Before you take Iberogast®
Always refer to the leaflet before taking Iberogast®.
Pregnancy and Lactation
The use of Iberogast® during pregnancy and lactation has not been fully studied and it should only be used in these circumstances under the guidance of a healthcare professional.