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QuantumRX Liposomal C – 1000mg 180 ml

QuantumRX Liposomal C – 1000mg 180 ml

QuantumRX Liposomal C delivers fast acting and high performance support for the immune system through bioavailable high dose vitamin C in a Non-GMO Sunflower phosphatidylcholine base.

QuantumRX Liposomal C has a delicious zesty taste with no artificial sweetener that the whole family will love. Flexible dosing means it is suitable for everyone to enjoy and help support their immune system.
Liposomal Vitamin C is coated with phospholipids, commonly known as liposomes, which means superior absorption due to the Vitamin C easily passing through the digestive barrier into the blood stream and then directly into the cell where it is needed.
Every serving contains ascorbic acid, a well absorbed form of vitamin C and calcium ascorbate. The calcium ascorbate buffers the ascorbic acid making it gentler on the stomach.
Vitamin C has a long history of use for:

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