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Deep Heat Patches odourless 2's

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Deep Heat Patches provide targeted, sustained, long lasting and soothing temporary pain relief of Muscular Aches and Pain, Joint Stiffness, Strains and Sprains. Great for smaller areas and on flexible joints. Comfortable to wear, this odourless heat pad applies directly to the skin and can be worn unnoticed under clothing to provide all day relief.
Always read the label. If symptoms worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your healthcare professional.
Follow the directions for use.
Iron Oxide is used in the Deep Heat Regular Patches to provide a soothing, long lasting warmth. When in contact with air, it heats up within minutes.
Directions for use:
Use on clean dry skin. Do not use on the face or on broken skin, bruises or swellings. Tear open plastic packet, remove protective film from patch and apply patch to the affected area, adhesive side onto the skin. For delicate or ageing skin, apply adhesive side of patch to clothing. On flexible joints use dressing tape to hold the patch in place. Do not bandage over the patch. The patch will heat up after 5 minutes and remain warm for up to 8 hours. Use only one patch in the same area in 24 hours. Single use only. DO NOT attempt to reheat in oven or microwave. Do not cut, massage, fold or wet the patch. Do not use if patch is damaged or torn. To remove, slowly peel off the patch.