Percutane Joint Action + Sports Action Cream 75g

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Percutanes’ unique formulation allows it to be reactive for a 24 hour period with further physical activity or after a hot shower. Percutane can also be used as a pre-work or pre-activity massage cream for occupational overuse, stiff joints, tendons and tired muscles. Percutane has a pleasant peppermint smell which quickly disperses making it ideal to use before work.
Percutane Joint Action is a deep penetrating solution for assisting joint mobility & flexibility. Percutane helps relax muscles and activate joints. It soothes as you move.

• Absorbs quickly
• No lasting odour
• Gives deep warming effect
• Only 1 application required every 24 hours
• Contains Arnica, Aloe Vera, Burdock and Capsaicin
• Developed in NZ and used successfully by thousands of health and sports professionals

Percutane Joint Actionis recommended for the following

To help mobility of joints and associated muscular flexibility (Arthritis + Fibromyalgia)
Ideal for degenerative immobility or reduced lifestyle activities
Has a strong soothing action on muscles and joints after application
Frustrated consumers looking for an effective topical product to counter degenerative joint progression with reduced function and discomfort
Ex-sport or post accident joint injury also occupational overuse
Overuse or unaccustomed workload injury i.e. gardening, lifting
Travel fatigue, stiffness
Rehabilitation from injury or surgery
Ideal alternative to gastric drug medications and synergistic glucosamine + chondroiton for joints.

Active Ingredients:
Arnica, Aloe Vera, Burdock and Capsaicin