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HEDRIN Headlice Treatment Gel 100ml

  • $14.80

Available in both a liquid gel and spray gel application
Fast acting to shorten treatment time - works in just 15 minutes
Clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs
Easy to apply, no combing required
Odourless and colourless formulation
Work by physically immobilising the lice so they cannot feed rather than by poisoning them like traditional head lice treatments
More likely to treat insecticide resistant lice
Hedrin is not absorbed through the skin and does not contain solvents. Hedrin can be used on children as young as six months and pregnant woman.

Easy to use: Hedrin is easy to apply to dry hair without mess, odour or residue. Lice can be washed or combed out easily after application and any nits (empty egg cases) can be removed with fingers or fine tooth comb.

Always read label and use as directed.